Vermont Attorneys Title Corporation

Title Update & Discharge Tracking Services Overview

Your time is valuable. Let VATC make those unprofitable title update trips back to the town clerks' offices for you. We’ll recover relevant information and send you a complete title update and/or mortgage discharge.

The Service:
After closing, VATC sends an experienced title searcher to the land records to obtain final recording information and conduct a title update. We ensure that all documents are properly executed and recorded and disclose to you the existence of any documents filed during the “gap” period.

We’ll send you an e-mail report of our findings, including a copy of the *mortgage discharge. This allows your office the opportunity to record additional information pertaining to the file prior.

Ordering is easy! PrepExpress users order requests via the software and e-mail. E-mail your request, follow-up the request by mailing a check for the update fee and Schedule A of the policy commitment to VATC immediately after closing. If you are issuing a Short Form policy only (no Owner’s Policy), send the update fee, the Short Form, and CATIC’s portion of the premium to VATC after requesting your update via e-mail.

If requesting mortgage discharge tracking, please indicate the number or discharges on the pop-up box in PrepExpress® or on the update request email (non-PrepExpress users).

VATC's Responsibilities:

• Make one visit to the land records per transaction about 45 days post-closing

• Complete a title update from the Commitment date (your search date) to the recording date of the closing documents

• Confirm proper execution and recording of pertinent documents

• Obtain a copy of the discharge(s) if you are utilizing the discharge tracking portion of the service.

VATC will communicate the results of its search via e-mail to your office. We will provide all final recording information and/or any discovered title issues which may need further attention.

Update only: The cost of the VATC update service is $25 per update. If the property is located in two towns, the fee is $25 per town. These fees are normally assessed to the borrower at closing.

Update & One Mortgage Discharge: $45.00

Update & Two Mortgage Discharges: $65.00

Add $20.00 for each additional discharge to be tracked.

We ask that you kindly remit VATC update/discharge tracking fees via a separate check, and not as part of the title insurance premium. Please make checks payable to VATC and include the property address on the check.

Frequently Asked Questions